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VASSILIKI (Vassiliki Benopoulou), was born in Athens in 1960. She is a visual artist and sculptor internationally renowned for her enormous kinetic installations, as well as for her conjectural interventions. She has presented her work in individual exhibitions worldwide attracting more than 2.000.000 visitors with her enormous art pieces and she has been honored with distinctions and awards. Most of her artworks are exhibited permanently in public spaces, while others belong to private collections. She lives and works in Greece and Italy.

Talented and motivated, she is an artist with interdisciplinary academic background. She studied Greek, English and American Literature at the Kapodistrian University of Athens, Fine Arts at the American University of La Verne and the International School of Arts in Italy. Nicolas Carone was the professor who inspired and encouraged her mostly, while Pierre Restany became her mentor and supporter during a critical period of her artistic career. The divine of the human nature and the psyche, as defined by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, have played an exceptional role in Vassiliki’s idea of human integration within the framework of a philosophical and spiritual code and not of a religious one. It continued to play a prominent role even in the creation of her immense kinetic installations. The idealistic inner beauty and harmony of the human beings is Vassiliki’s reality.

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