White Walls

Through our personally-tailored service, The Art Dose can source or commission the perfect art options for any space either residential or commercial, private or public, centered on each client’s style, goals and budget. For example, you can see below footage from a private office space in Athens, GR where our curator handled the artistic aspect in cooperation with the owner.

A great collaboration we had with the interior designer Sissy Feida and Kapopoulos Fine Arts was based in London, UK in a 2.500 sqm breathtaking mansion. A unique project featured in prestigious publications such as Architectural Digest, as well as the Evening Standard, distinguished as the most expensive real estate in London for 2019 - 2020.

Another example can be found in Beirut Terraces, an apartment building in Lebanon, with the first-ever vertical "village" concept in the world. This unique enterprise came in third place for Best Futura Project at the 2013 MIPIM awards, recognised as one of the best un-built sustainable projects. Our curator had the chance to visit this high-end residential area and decorate one of their available suites, in agreement with the apartment owner. See examples from the interior.

You can also curate your private gallery in the comfort of your home, with an artist you admire or with limited edition sculptures from our wide collection. Invest in art and make your personal space be even more special.

If you have a yacht or you're interested in interior design for vessels, we offer professional advice and guidance as well. We are committed in finding the perfect art options for any space, centered on you and your needs.

Our founder and curator Niki Kapopoulou, will be happy to assist you in transforming your everyday life for the better through art. Enquire now about our White Walls services.


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