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Aperato, was born in 1989 and lives today in Marseille. While nothing predisposed her to enter this artistic milieu, she is finally caught up by her irresistible need for creation. She was first attracted by music because for her it's the language of emotions, and after that she turned to painting. Self-taught, her colorful artworks are the result of musical inspiration and boundless energy. She uses a fusion of colors that gives an explosive result.

Aperato tries to point out this mania of society to enclose everything in boxes; Where art is an outlet, Aperato reflects what society imposes on us; her impression of not being able to escape these "huts" is found in the center of her paintings, where she often concentrates all her energy; she transcribes this feeling by a very dense use of colors, always immured, imprisoned, locked up. The original and controlled use of lines, all drawn for a specific purpose, is also decisive in what it shares. These lines, this break between the colors, allow her to enclose, to separate each of them, as to let appear each emotion in a precise place. Exercise assumes perfect mastery. Black is not black for her. Black is a living, foundational color, she says. Where many see only the apparent darkness, she discerns a future creative hatch. Black is an invitation to the inner journey, a color that may seem brutal at first, so Aperato tries to sublimate its potential. It is a color that constitutes for her an unparalleled source of inspiration. This idea remains the same when working with plexi supports. She encloses various materials, often from the recovery of objects or pieces of paper, newspapers, bubble wrap, cigarette packs, various packaging, associated or covered by paint. It is also a way for her to express the fact that our planet needs to be respected, and that recycling can be a good way to give back to nature. Each element chosen, remains important when she places it inside her "plexi cages".

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